Herb Kornfeld (20th Century)
American School

Herb Kornfeld was as colorful as the pictures he painted. Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, he painted form at an early age. He was apprenticed to Charlie Russell (who died before lessons began). Herb said, “Lucky break for me- I’d have been a washout as a cowboy artist- never knew a hoof from a halter.”
Herb was self-taught as a painter, art center taught as an ad-man, Disney taught as a cartoonist, and a navy artist in WWII.
A seasoned traveler, Kornfeld journeyed to China, Sweden, France, Greece, England, Mexico, Canada and throughout the United States, painting in remote as well as accessible villages and cities. For months on end, he settled into a community to extract its spirit and flavor. These sojourns have included a trip to England, following the Thames River from its mouth to its source and months spent traveling with a well-known circus in Canada where he captured on his canvases the highs and lows of circus life.

Well over a thousand oils have found their way around the globe; not to mention watercolors, drawings, and cartoons (Disney, MGM, Warner Bros., Columbia, etc.)
Graphics have been published by the New York Graphic Society, Aaron Brothers and others. Exhibitions of his work have been held everywhere and his painting has been done throughout the world. Herb felt the only place to paint a landscape was to be in the landscape itself, not in the studio.
The California coast was an ongoing passion for Kornfeld, which he painted extensively over the years.
Even though Herb left this world a decade ago, his fantastic work lives on in private and public collections throughout the world.

“Just when I think I have painted every inch of the California coast, I find some exciting inch I’ve missed.”
Herb Kornfeld


Those who have selected a Kornfeld painting in the past have come from all walks of life- from wealthy large collectors to individuals whose personal possessions include but one painting. You are invited to see this show and possibly collect one of Herb Kornfeld’s important paintings.


American Academy of Arts- Easton, Maryland
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum- St. Michaels, Maryland
Gallerie- Arles, France
Charles M. Russell Museum- Great Falls, Montana
UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund Tour)- International Tour
U.S Navy Museum- Washington D.C


Downey Museum of Art
Long Beach Museum of Art
Gallery Juarez
Robert Pyle Gallery
Casa Dolores
Hallmark/Nix Gallery


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